Thai Stock Market Roundup April 17, 2019


Thai Stock Market Roundup April 17, 2019

– SEC posted PIMO on cash balance today.

– SEC warned RCI shareholders to study more on the case of asset selling to DCC after the case was disapproved by IFA.

– In the new regulation offered by NBTC to extend the 4th installment of 900MHz license from 5 years to 10 years, DTAC could be in crisis as the company needs to pay THB 6,000 million more next year while having less budget to bid for the new 700MHz spectrum. Nomura Securities estimated that DTAC would not take the offer and not participating in the bidding.

– SEC accused former ADAM directors of assisting “Kitha Properties Company Limited” in rice-scheme fraud.

– The Cabinet approved AOT to construct the third runway in Suvarnabhumi Airport with a THB 21.7 billion budget.

Institutions and Prop Trade pushed SET Index up by 12.75pts. with a total of THB 4.65 billion net buy.

SET closed at 1,673.20 points, jumped 12.75 points or 0.77% with a trading value of THB 52.9 billion. Buying pressure returned after the long holiday as 1Q19 GDP expanded 6.4% while retail in March rose 8.7%, and industrial production in March up 8.5%.

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