Thai Stock Market Roundup March 6, 2019


Thai Stock Market Roundup March 6, 2019

BA completed the share repurchase, spent ฿491.50 million to reacquire ฿40 million shares.

NOK failed to find a new nest as AAV ceased the acquisition process. NOK slipped ฿0.26/share or 9.92% to ฿2.36/share with ฿17 million in value on March 6th.

PTT fell ฿1.25/share or 2.56% to ฿47.50/share with ฿3.24 billion in value after the company posted an ex-dividend date before issuing a dividend.

EA and KCE both rallied in the morning session as cabinet announced a cut of EV car tax to 0%.

ERC approved GPSC to merge with GLOW after the acquisition of SPP1 by BGRIM.

SUPER ran a money game by lending money that was borrowed from BBL to Krungthep Thanakom for 20-Year sales agreement to buy waste and use it for the waste power plant.

TRT acquired a project worth ฿267.8 million to produce 333 MVA transformer.

ITEL revealed ฿6 billion worth of backlog, confident in 2019 income to reach ฿2 billion.

CPN poured ฿1 billion to renovate “Central Plaza Chiang Rai”

ROBINS invested ฿35 million for a big campaign to boost its sales with a confidence of higher income in 1Q19.

– Data showed that there were three big lots for PTT amounted 28.42 million shares at the average price of ฿47.82/share, which was lower than the market price.

Foreign Investors continued a net sell of Thai shares along with Prop Trade amounted ฿3.86 billion in total, while Individuals speculated with a net buy at ฿3 billion.

SET closed at 1,625.51 points, plunged 13.49 points or 0.82% with ฿44.3 billion in value. Analysts stated that the political issue regarding the disbandment of Thai Raksa Chart Party tomorrow which would cause short-term volatility to the Thai market if the party got disbanded.


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